Feel empowered by dressing the Italian way, because luxury is first a state of mind


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What People Are Saying about "The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style"


'The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style' debunks the myth of fashion as frivolous with wit and ironic prose. Belluomini describes chapter after chapter how style comes first and with it empowerment, confidence and a bit of attitude. "

- Aleksandra Lacka, Business Strategist at www.insight-studio.com

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"Francesca [...]  inherent and natural sense of style was what set her apart in this city. Since we all want to be Francesca when we grow, this book came out just in time."

- Barbara de Vries, Designer, Activist, Author of 'Stupid Model'

'The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style' is an unpretentious exploration of worldly flair that you can easily dive into. Francesca’s transcending personality transforms into a book that is inviting, carefree, and most important uncomplicated. It’s a no-hassle lifestyle companion that empowers us to pursuit our passions effortlessly with style.

-          Grace M. Castro, Founder of nonprofit organization 'Fashion Inspires More' and Miami Fashion Film Festival