It wasn't until I moved to the States that I realized how Italian I was.


Not because I eat pasta or move my hands when I talk;  my being more Italian than I think hides in that flair, part genes and part heritage, that makes me look imperfectly polished even when going to the supermarket.  Since friends, colleagues and readers have been asking for years, I developed the idea that the effortlessness of Italian style is achievable if adequately cultivated. 

What defines Italian style and its quintessential seal of being pulled together with insouciant elegance?
Does wearing head- to -toe Gucci or Versace make you an Italian? How much of la Dolce Vita, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, or Federico Fellini is still relevant?

Excerpt from Introduction 

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Julia Currelly

1. The four keys to the Italian way
2. Don’t take yourself too seriously
3. Start from the essentials
4. Switch wardrobes seasonally
5. It’s not about the money
6. Borrow from the boys
7. Apply make-up with discretion, never leave without perfume
8. But, first shop in your closet
9. The disruptive element
10. There is no such thing as pretty

P.S. The juicy left-overs: Some things you never do