• SLOW FASHION: Fire up your audiences with hiring her for your next speaking engagement: she sure is quite an entertainer.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: she made her book a Manifesto of Sustainable Chic, she believes that ‘for Fashion lovers sustainability is not an option, it’s just a question of bringing common sense back.’

  • #THEITALIANTHING: Book readings and give-aways, interviews and podcasts: the wanderlust at heart is always ready to travel, her Italianness is vivid and comes alive on the mic, especially behind the camera. 

  • EDITOR: Tap her to write for your blog or publication. Psst writing is her "thing".

  • CONSULTING: Launching a start-up or planning to expand to the U.S. market? Fashion can be a tricky industry, not with a brand development veteran like like her.

  • MARKETING: You may want to get her on board: with her luxury industry expertise, business development will never look the same.

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